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Wandering Wizards Welcome

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Expect the unexpected! This pack of forms is intended to save you the trouble that Gandalf and his pack of unruly dwarves gave Bilbo Baggins in the opening pages of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

With these handy and confusticating pieces of otherworldly administrative paperwork, you’ll compel wandering wizards to warn you of their visits days or even weeks in advance, complete with a tally of how many companions they expect to bring, proposed topics for conversation, and any secret names they might have.

To use, simply write your name and address in a few key places on either side of the form, then tack the sheet to your garden gate and wait for the magic to happen!

Wandering Wizards Welcome (By Appointment) is also perfect for use as a pack of invitations to your next wizard’s tea, Hogwarts reunion, or Middle-Earth theme party.

The pack of forms is printed half-letter size, or 5.5 x 8.5 inches, on 67 lb. Vellum Bristol paper.

Click on the image below for a closer look. We have also posted, for illustrative purposes, a sample of a recent piece of mail we received from Abelard the Black, a wizard of apparent renown.

Wandering Wizards Welcome (By Appointment) - Click to view larger image.

Wandering Wizards Welcome (By Appointment)
Seven confusticating forms to keep tricky wizards in check.

** This item is no longer available from Wonderella Printed. **

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