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Into the Holes

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A symptom of many intellectuals, academicans, beaureaucrats, autocrats, cratocrats, and system slaves generally, is a blindess. Blinded by their blinders, they are blind to the non-blindness of the things around them. Invisible to the truth, and blind to the lies... Is this the symptom of too much education? A thoroughly washed brain? I don't want to be learned, I don't want to be tamed. I mean, I want to learn, but i refuse to go to school, and I consider my school time in the past to be the draining of my life blood. What did I get for all this blood drained? What the fuck did I get? Slips of paper, humiliation, castration, automation, mutilation, and desecration. What did i get from school? A pure and sinister hatred for humanity and all the -isms, -ists, -cracies and -crats around... a lot of time gone, and a list of many other things... but nothing good really. I met some people, but not that many. Not as many as I met outside of school... no, it seems to me that school was there to try and jam me into that little peg that i was supposed to fit into... and if I wouldn't go in, they would cut me into shape, drain my blood, and watch as the vast puzzle made whole. The school is one of the first battle grounds in this war... besides the hospitals where we are first cast... and being a full time philosopher and only a part time doctor, I’m not so sure about the evils of the hospital system, although, I am sure they mirror the other evils of our American society. Anyhow, School, as far as I am concerned, is the first battle ground, besides the parents. It is school where we are socialized and learned and tamed, and as I said, cut apart and slammed into a hole... and where does this hole lead? On a safe track, through the hoops, hoop after hoop leading to death. Hoop after hoop leading to death. Through the hoop
into the waiting arms of death. Funny trick isn't it? A nice, safe trick.

“Here you go son, into the hole!”

“I don't wanna go into the hole!”


Once in the hole.

Remember to climb out.

Dig out.

Dig other tunnels.

Destroy the tracks.

Destroy the hoops.

A real life is no trick, a real life is no game. Do not play the game and you will find the real life.

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