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A Gnoming
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Illustration No.1
“Gnome in Natural Setting”

Clint Marsh: Thanks so much for agreeing to comment on these photographs, Reg. I think they're quite good examples.

Reginald Bakeley: Thank you. And yes, these are indeed quality representations. Not bad at all.

CM: So please just elaborate on what you see in each of these. What is this photo showing?

RB: This photograph sets the scene, as it were. Here we have a rendition of a gnome in its natural woodland setting. By all accounts the little scrounger appears to be enjoying life, what with the carefree expression on its face. It's probably on its way home after a long day of biting the hooves of the local livestock, or perhaps it's excited to have found some fairy mushrooms under a favorite tree. This gnome is a bit on the large side, no doubt the unfortunate result of decreased gnoming in the area. Be wary: This creature is vicious through and through, and wants nothing but to tunnel about relentlessly, spelling utter ruin for your backyard and your ankles.

CM: Anything else?

RB: Not really, although it's worth pointing out that the mushrooms seen in the lower-right corner of this photograph are common sights near trees where gnomes have taken up residence. I've eaten them before and they taste disgusting. Best avoided.

CM: Duly noted.

Get on with it.

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