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The Mentalist’s Handbook

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* 232 PAGES *

There is a world that mirrors our own. Everything in this world is made of substance finer than air, finer than light, finer than thought itself—the aether. In the aether, inner sensations such as ideas and feelings that are as tangible as anything in the material world.

In The Mentalist's Handbook, Clint Marsh gives us a glimpse of this world. He offers step-by-step exercises, detailed and beautifully written explanations and definitions, and gorgeous black and white illustrations by award-winning artist Jeff Hoke. Previously available only in pamphlet form, these descriptions and exercises are now collected into one beautiful volume.

Inspired by esoteric, occult, and magic books published over the last 150 years, Marsh has aspired to create something of singular importance in the tradition of classic occult manuals. Both practical and whimsical, and complete with visual aids, this field guide to the paranormal will appeal to students of the New Age, esoteric scholars, readers of post-modern and magical-realism, angel, ghost and fairy enthusiasts, comics and graphica fans, and artists alike.

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The Mentalist's Handbook is a 232-page paperback book measuring 6 x 9 inches. Its dustjacket unfolds to reveal an aetheric beings identification chart.

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The Mentalist’s Handbook
An Explorer’s Guide to Astral, Spirit, and Psychic Worlds

** This book is not currently available from Wonderella Printed **

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