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The Camelopard


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The Camelopard Series has been incorporated into our new series, Fiddler’s Green, and is no longer being published on its own.

The Camelopard Series endeavors to explain to the common man the nature and practice of mentalism, and of the aetheric plane that makes mentalism and other extraordinary feats possible. Each pamphlet provides theory, history, and insight into the aetheric plane and its uses in mentalism, and offers exercises for the aspiring mentalist.

Issues 1–6 of The Camelopard are available in a single volume as The Mentalist’s Handbook, published by Weiser Books and distributed by Wonderella.

Past issues of The Pamphleteer are out of print. The spirit of the series continues in Fiddler’s Green.

The Camelopard is printed digest size, or 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

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The Nature of Aether - Click to view larger image.

No.1, “The Nature of Aether.” This 28-page pamphlet introduces the concepts of aether and the aetheric plane, and guides the reader through basic mentalism exercises. Beautifully illustrated by Jeff Hoke, the fellow responsible for The Museum of Lost Wonder. “The Nature of Aether” was awarded a “Best of San Francisco” prize by SF Weekly, in a sparkling new category. Read an excerpt from “The Nature of Aether” here.

** This pamphlet is sold out **

Aetheric Beings - Click to view larger image.

No.2, “Aetheric Beings.” This 36-page pamphlet describes the intelligences that dwell on the aetheric plane. In your astral and aetheric travels, you will meet many of these beings, and it is best to be prepared for such encounters. Includes useful 11 x 17-inch identification chart as well as an introductory essay regarding vibrational theory for the astral, elemental, and elysian worlds. An excerpt from “Aetheric Beings” may be read here.

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Aetheric Exercises - Click to view larger image.

No.3, “Aetheric Exercises.” After spending the last two issues looking at the outside forces that make up the aetheric plane, The Camelopard looks inward in this 32-page pamphlet. Readers will learn about the 10 aetheric links present in the human body, a dozen daily exercises to strengthen them, and instructions for rudimentary clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis. Includes an 11 x 14-inch poster to help aspiring mentalists with their daily exercises.

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Ascension - Click to view larger image

No.4, “Ascension.” The Camelopard lets you take to the skies this time around, as aspiring mentalists are instructed in the formation and use of their astral bodies. By using simple observation and visualization techniques, readers discover that out-of-body experiences are easier than they imagined. This 32-page pamphlet also gives advice on your inevitable meeting with the Dweller on the Threshold. Read an exceprt from this issue here.

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The Spirit World - Click to view larger image.

No.5, “The Spirit World.” Apparitions have made themselves known to mankind since the dawn of time. Now you can see them too! This 36-page issue of The Camelopard details the differences between the aetheric doubles (or “spirits”) of people, animals, plants, and inanimate objects, and provides techniques for sensing and communicating with them. Also included are a brief history of spiritism and an overview of the afterlife beliefs of the world’s major religions.

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Mental Influence - Click to view larger image.

No.6, “Mental Influence.” There is an unseen element to every aspect of our lives, one that we can sense and interact with, if only we use the right tools. In this 28-page pamphlet, aspiring mentalists will increase their ability to notice the effects of thought and emotion in the aether and, by extension, in the material world around them. New exercises expand the reader’s capacities for the psychic disciplines of clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis. There is also a word on ethics and mentalism.

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