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Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine

Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine (Photo by Kelly Patton)

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New Issue: Fiddler’s Green 3

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Art & Magic for Tea-Drinking Anarchists, Convivial Conjurors & Closeted Optimists

Clint Marsh and Wonderella Printed invite you to discover Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine, a new pamphlet series exploring art and magic. Each issue contains original articles from Clint and a variety of guest contributors, as well as reviews of sympathetic publications, letters from far-flung friends, and more.

Fiddler’s Green is printed at 7.25 x 9.5 inches, on 70 lb. off-white vellum, with a cover printed on 80 lb. green linen stock.

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Teatime photo up top courtesy of Kelly Patton Art.

Third issue, “Gardener’s Giantess,” published August 2016, with the much-loved copper titling, French flaps, an original cover drawn by Timothy Renner, and the following articles...

In the Footsteps of the Ancestors: Editorial by Clint Marsh
“I consider the countless ancestors who came before, the ones I knew and those I couldn’t, and wonder how many imperceptible heirlooms I carry with me.”

Mind Power: A Manifesto, by Mitch Horowitz
“I have grown more dedicated to exploring the use and viability of the core mind-power thesis, which is: thoughts are causative.”

Our Bogeys, Our Shelves: The Magician’s Library as Mentor, Companion, and Oracle
“Our books make us more aware of who we’ve become and, by reminding us of the fundamental virtues and skills we’ve granted ourselves, they show us the people we might yet become.”

Anti-Nightmare Wallpaper (and the Ladies Behind It), written and illustrated by Mink and Mann
“Portraits and artifacts evincing an obscure coterie—the 1917 chapter of the secret society known as the Ladies of Happenstance—manifested upon the hotel’s walls.”

Landscapes of the Imagination: How Our Minds Model the Natural World, written and illustrated by Jeff Hoke
“The creation of mental models based on the natural world is an ancient tradition—a talent our ancestors developed to navigate and survive.”

Three Legs Best: Meeting the Sphinx on the Artist’s Path
“For the ambitiously creative among us, deathlessness is largely attained through our completed works of art, a four-, two-, and three-legged progression watched over by the harshest, most bloodthirsty critic ever known.”

Remembering Michael Howard, by Daniel A. Schulke
“Whether walking through the woods at night or traversing the world of humanity by day, he seemed guided by an interior luminosity that was at once certain and otherworldly.”

Blindfolded & Straying, by Anthony Walent
“Like Tamino in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, we may be initially led astray by our own self-deception. And then suddenly, after a period of experience and discovery, we inch closer and closer to the flickering candle.”

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Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine - v1, n2 - Click to view larger

Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine explores themes of time and landscape in this third issue. Among the 40 pages are essays on bibliomancy, New Thought, the riddle of the sphinx, and a recently rediscovered sisterhood of subtle magicians. Additionally, Jeff Hoke explains a timeless method for traversing the natural environment, Clint Marsh considers the mystical potency of inherited objects, and Anthony Walent pens a poetic tribute to hope. With letters from readers, reviews of publications received, and a eulogy to author Michael Howard written by Daniel A. Schulke. 57 illustrations.

Vol.1, No.3: Gardener’s Giantess: Receive a copy of the third issue of Fiddler’s Green.

Second issue, “Verdigris Soul,” first published September 2015 and reissued February 2016 in honor of the Occult Humanities Conference, featuring copper foil titling on the cover and the following articles...

In Pursuit of Magic: Editorial by Clint Marsh
“Magic is an impossible prey. The faster I run toward it, the faster it moves away.”

Beauty in Union, Genius in Solitude: William Kiesel in Conversation with Clint Marsh (Special Edition exclusive)
“Why do I do it all? Because I am a participant in the traditions of esotericism and book-making, and these disciplines are deeply fulfilling to me.”

Bonewits’ Unbreakable Laws of Magic: The Foundations of Reality as Discovered by America’s First Academically Accredited Wizard
“What set the wizard of Berkeley apart from the others was the accessibility and warmth he brought to magic, as well as the sense that we engage in magical workings every day.

The Five Norths of the Left-Hand Path: Digital Dowsing for Decision-Makers, by Craig Conley
“Indeed there are five norths, and their subtle distinctions can make all the difference in navigating toward a goal.”

Exploding the Tangerine: A Shy Person’s Guide to Battle Magic
“Whether or not one is predisposed to aggression, be it for offense or defense, much can be gained from developing our less brutish means of persuasion.”

Where Wood Meets Flesh: Reflections on the Wisdom of the Dendrites, by Daniel Schulke, illustrated by Benjamin Vierling
“Each chose his own wilderness habitation, a primitive and unadorned cell wherein God was the sole focus of rustic contemplation.”

Enchantment Dismantled: Superstition and the Thinking Irrationalist
“These acts are quick magic spells, potent shortcuts to power. They’re tricky, though. Even if the power they grant isn’t purely illusory, it can come at a cost.”

Mast: Fiction by Sylvia V. Linsteadt, illustrated by Alexis Berger
“When Roe saw the end of the world coming, she stole a riverboat and filled it with acorns and bones...”

The Warlock’s Rubric: Poetry by John Polselli
“Drift deep within the darkness, where / His soft voice beckons thee...”

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Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine - v1, n2 - Click to view larger

Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine returns with more art and magic. This 40-page issue includes essays on Isaac Bonewits, superstition, and turning the tables during everyday battle magic. Also in this issue: magical instruction from Craig Conley, an excerpt from Daniel Schulke’s The Granary of the Fauns, fiction by Sylvia V. Linsteadt, poetry from John Polselli, illustrations from Benjamin Vierling and Alexis Berger, a letters column, and reviews of publications received. 40 illustrations.

Vol.1, No.2: Verdigris Soul: Receive a copy of the second issue of Fiddler’s Green.

Premiere issue, first published September 2014 and reissued February 2016 in honor of the Occult Humanities Conference, featuring copper foil titling on the cover and the following articles...

Where Art Meets the Occult: A Call to Action by Ken Henson (Special Edition exclusive)
“Magic and art have the potential to empower and connect us to the ineffable macrocosm. We need to continue to unearth and celebrate the art of our occult forefathers.”

Upon First Meeting a Wizard: Practical Considerations
“Let him make the first move. Wizards love words, history, freedom, and their incantations, while lengthy, always carry within their folded logic a handful of the seeds of truth. Just listen.”

Finding Magic on the Map: Ramsey Dukes’ Compass Rose
“The diagram’s value is most apparent when it helps users understand magic less as an activity and more as a way of being.

The Kids Are All Rite: Traditionalism, Magic, Punk & “As-If”
“Music took elements of life I’d always known were magical and imbued them with action. Magic wasn’t introspective—it could stand up and snarl.”

Black & White Defenses Against the Basilisk: A Magical Approach to Surviving Extreme Anxiety
All the historical protections against basilisks and their paralytic gaze—including mirrors, spears, and weasels—are still effective today.

The Place of the Song-Dream: The Animal Spirituality of Kenneth Grahame
“This is a harkening to an earlier, more personal, more primal spirituality, a soulful connection between the earth and its inhabitants.”

Bad Habits Worth Cultivating: The Magical Upsides to Tea-Drinking, Pipe-Smoking, and Other Associations with Demons
“Many people bemoan the hurry-scurry of modern life, but we must remember that, for those inclined toward a thoughtful existence, life has always seemed this way.”

Rise & Root: Insurrectionary Iconography for Everyone, by Rima Staines
“For some time I’ve wanted to make an image with which to start a quiet revolution...raised fists to the fight, roots in the earth.”

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Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine - v1, n1 - Click to view larger

Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine debuts with 36 pages of art and magic for tea-drinking anarchists, convivial conjurors, and closeted optimists. Featuring essays by Clint Marsh, a special feature by Rima Staines, reviews of publications received, and letters from far-flung friends. 31 illustrations.

Vol.1, No.1: Premiere Issue: Receive a copy of the first issue of Fiddler’s Green.
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