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Fiddler's Green - Nearly There

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“Fiddler’s Fare?”

Just as in legends where sailors cast adrift dream together to create a land of mirth and merriment, so too do our combined attentions make Fiddler’s Green a reality.

Our printing and distribution costs are paid in part with funds from generous sponsors who share the vision of Fiddler’s Green. Some contributions come from our advertisers. Others are from individuals who are content to remain relatively anonymous.

You can support Fiddler’s Green with a gift of “fiddler’s fare” in any amount by sending funds via PayPal to marsh@wonderella.org. If you would like to pay by check, please send it to:

Fiddler’s Green
Post Office Box 10146
Berkeley, Calif. 94709
U. S. A.

Make all checks payable to “Clint Marsh.”

Fiddler’s fare need not be confined to a back-and-forth exchange between us and our readers. It can be whatever you give to anyone that makes the world a happier or more magical place. An unexpected gift of food, drink, money, time, or other resources always has the potential to brighten another person’s day, and is very much in keeping with the spirit of Fiddler’s Green.

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