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On this page we will be listing links to online reviews of Ogner Stump’s One Thousand Sorrows. Please click the links below to read any given review in its entirety.

Broken Pencil
“David Lynch’s ether dreams meet Dennis Worden’s Stickboy, while Edgar Allan Poe and Hillaire Belloc fist-fight in Heaven. I didn’t sleep right for a few days after reading this, and I’m a hard bastard.” (Full review)

Comic Book Galaxy
“Goldfarb creates a new vocabulary for his art—what does it mean, ‘Bethuseluh?’ Is there a funnier turn of phrase than ‘Sweet Jesus, I've caught the pox. I better get to bed!’ I think not.” (Full review)

Comic Readers
“Goldfarb tells his stories in a smart and witty way, and I really identified with his dry humour and nasty theories. ‘One Thousand Sorrows’ is a graphic novel worth searching out.” (Full review)

East Bay Express
“A genuinely weird venture featuring a protagonist with a head shaped like a derriere who bears more than a passing resemblance to Johnny Depp.” (Full review)

Las Vegas Mercury
“Although careful readers have observed the similarities between author and subject, Goldfarb says he is different than Stump because his imagined protagonist ‘parts his hair in the middle.’” (Full review)

“Ogner Stump can very easily be compared to Franz Kafka's Joseph K. However, Ogner lives in a more idiosyncratic world that Tim Burton would admire.” (Full review)

Optical Sloth
“For anybody out there who likes bizarre, gothic comics (Jim Woodring, Richard Sala, and Edward Gorey, to name a few that fit in at least one of those categories): you have a new hero.” (Full review)

“Packed with all of the dreamlike melancholy I could take in one sitting.” (Full review)

The Shadow Gallery
“A clever trick; and it works. Andrew Goldfarb deploys an idiosyncratic imagination in dreaming up the horrors which might beset his hero.” (Full review)

Silver Bullet Comics
“Andrew has the visual inventiveness of a Terry Gilliam, with artwork that is energetic but always immaculately inked.” (Full review)

Too Much Coffee Man
“Something between chiaroscuro and woodcut, [Andrew Goldfarb’s drawings] evoke a bit of Gahan Wilson, but even more Charles Addams.” (Full review)

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