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Red Rock Black Sun

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On this page we will be posting testimonials and reviews of Red Rock Black Sun.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
“Edward Abbey and his Monkey Wrench Gang would love Red Rock Black Sun for its beautiful vision of what they were really striving for!”

David Abram
“A mysterious artifact, radiant with telluric intelligence. The darkly luminous images coalesce with the rhythm of the prose to open the reader into the eroded, stratified, and sinuous topography of the deep bodymind. A glimpse into one pioneer’s ongoing exploration into what matters at this teetering moment in our species’ unfolding.”

Bethe Hagens
“This book took my breath away. I could feel the chapparal organism alive under my feet, the eye of the single lizard, the flow forms of spiral desire. More than anything, in this Black Sun I see my own peaceful death into more existence.”

Pam Grossman of Phantasmaphile
“Deceptively simple, and yet full of ancient wisdom and complex, esoteric ideas.” (Review)

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