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Mystical England

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Back Illustration No.1
“The North Inn”

After landing at Heathrow, Jeff and I rented a car and drove six hours to get to the far Western tip of Southern England—Land’s End peninsula in Cornwall. We stayed at The North Inn in Pendeen. As an inn, The North has a bar, food, and rooms upstairs. Two brothers (John and Andrew Coak) operated the inn, which won the 2003 Pub of the Year Award from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). The ale was a welcome reward after all that traveling. In fact, I think one of my happiest moments from the entire trip was when Jeff and I sat down with our pints and finally relaxed. Tinner’s and Tribute were two of three cask ales on offer at The North Inn. I liked Tribute the best. After a few pints and dinner, we went for a stroll outside. Within a few minutes we were walking down a pitch-black country lane. If we kept walking I'm sure we would have met the Cornish version of the Phooka and been offered a ride home.

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