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Jacaré was published in 1997, and celebrated the good things about life in the San Francisco Bay Area. When it wasn't extolling the virtues of various breakfast eateries, it was giving reports on fun drives down the coast, tasty adventures in the kitchen, and busy weekends full of fun. Jacaré showcased the first several chapters of the serialized fiction story “The Good Fear of Flying.”

Jacaré was printed half-digest size, or 4.25 x 5.5 inches.

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Please note that this series has been discontinued and that issues of Jacaré are unavailable for purchase.

Jacare 1 - Click to view larger image.

Jacaré No.1, for Early Spring 1997: In the inaugural issue, among other stories, Kirk Marsh recounts his tryouts for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus School, Heather Schlegel pens one recipe for chili con garlic and another for tinctures, and Clint Marsh gives instructions for the new book reviewer. Clint's story from this issue, “The Disappearance of Lewis Gamine,” is presented here.
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Jacare 2 - Click to view larger image.

Jacaré No.2, for Mid-Spring 1997: Jacaré explores city nooks and country crannies in the second issue. Presented within is a transcript of the Jacaré staff at the Berkeley watering hole Spats, a piece on mushroom hunting by Fritz Faerber, an ode to Campari by Heather, and a practical guide to the hunting and cooking of gnomes by Phooka's Reginald Bakeley. Bay Area readers may be interested in reading Clint’s article “Rules of Conduct for San Francisco Public Transportation Agents.”
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Jacare 3 - Click to view larger image.

Jacaré No.3, for Late Spring 1997: Chuck Hilbert excerpts a recipe from his upcoming cookbook, "The Theatrical Snobbery Guide to Fine Cooking," Clint swallows a bit of strange Jamaican sauce, and framed insect dealer Bruce Frybarger is the victim of the Jacaré interview. In other pages, Kirk writes a poem and Heather expounds on Tilden Park.
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Jacare 4 - Click to view larger image.

Jacaré No.4, for Early Summer 1997: The famous issue four, wherein Clint explains the crop circle mystery, Jeff Naffziger expresses concern, and Charlotte Carlson joins Heather for a mudbath in Calistoga. The Calistoga story is accompanied by a sidebar on herbal beauty aids.
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Jacare 5 - Click to view larger image. Jacare 5 - Click to view larger image.

Jacaré No.5, for Mid-Summer 1997: Jacaré dreams of journeys near and far in issue five. Heather posts an all points bulletin for her South African friends Ann Lewis and Willem Viljoen, and excerpts her infamous “Brasil Journal.” Readers will enjoy a velvet cake recipe and a critique of the casual carpool. Heather and Clint compare the relative merits of getting up early and sleeping in. Please specify when ordering whether you would prefer the lion rampant or lion non-rampant cover.
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Jacare 6 - Click to view larger image.

Jacaré No.6, for Late Summer 1997: Portugal correspondents Merritt Stembler and Mark Deakins check in with exploits past and present this time around. Also, Heather presents a curry chicken recipe for cooks who prefer to leave no trace, Clint flies a kite, and Jacaré goes out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in San Francisco and Berkeley.
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Jacaré No.7: Jacaré took a Midwestern vacation and produced no issue seven.

Jacare 8 - Click to view larger image.

Jacaré No.8, for Mid-Autumn 1997: Action and adventure dominate the pages of Jacaré as Heather takes the reins for the final two issues. In number eight, she reports on her aikido class, as well as a walk past a local restaurant that led to a new acquaintance (and a free drink!). Read her account of a nerve-racking climb at Goat Rock in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
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Jacare 9 - Click to view larger image.

Jacaré No.9, for Late Autumn 1997: Jacaré says goodbye with a couple articles on comfort food in issue nine. Heather offers two new recipes for her favorite desserts and details the history of the café. Additional accounts of a trip to Colorado and the skiing conditions found there close our quirky little series.
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