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Good Morning, Good Morning

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My favorite time of day is the morning. Morning means new, morning means fresh start. Things that seemed horrible the night before don't look so bad after a good night's sleep. There is a magical sliver of the day called the crack of dawn. Most people refer to it in the negative sense, thinking that only monks and the Amish are crazy enough to rise before the sun comes up. Monks and the Amish also happen to be examples of highly disciplined people, and personal discipline is something I'm always trying to increase. I look at this time as a healthy challenge, not a punishment.

My mental battery is charged during sleep, and I've found that it works best if it's put to use immediately upon waking. For this reason I try to plan my day the night before so that I can apply myself most efficiently to whatever project needs tackling the next day. Unfortunately, I've also got a short attention span. Unless a grab the day by its throat first thing, I end up using my newly charged mind for menial tasks such as paying bills or reading random, meaningless texts like nutrition labels or fashion magazines.

Too may times have I gone to bed at night with every intention of completing a major task or even going out to catch the first cup of coffee poured at an early bird diner, only to wake up and fritter away a good part of the morning. After this has happened, my day is a lost cause. Once my morning has been wasted I can't seem to recapture the day.

Much better to slap the alarm clock back into its own slumber, leap into the shower, get dressed quickly, and take off on a hike or drive. Then - when I'm miles from home hours before the naysayers hit the snooze button for the third time - then, does my day begin.

A Counter-Viewpoint, by Heather Schlegel

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