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I’m Only Sleeping

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I won't disagree with Clint that morning is a beautiful time, with the sun rising and the birds singing, the calm stillness of the air and the radio blaring some rock and roll music telling you it's time to get up. What's wrong with this picture? Right, the alarm. I like to give early morning a slight acknowledgement, a shrug or a blink of my eyes as I turn over, settle deeper into the warm featherbed, pull the comforter closer around me, and fall back into my dreams.

It's very hard for me to pull myself out of my bed, the clouds, and my dreams and into the harsh world of reality. When I do finally drag myself out of bed, I don't know what to do with myself. I'm grumpy (even more so now that I've given up coffee!) and often sit around doing nothing for quite a while.

Sleeping in guarantees me that I'll get at least the eight hours every human being needs, no matter what time I went to bed. And everyone knows that the best way to wake up is with the sun streaming in on your face - not with your face straining to see the sun.

After morning lounging, and after my ginseng kicks in, I can more than make up for lost time sleeping. My energy kicks in and peaks in the early evening. I feel refreshed in the morning but unfocused. Unless I have an agenda set out for me early in the morning, nothing gets done until afternoon. And even sometimes my morning grumpiness foils anything planned early.

It's not that I dislike being up early. I love being up early. But to get up early? It is so hard, and a nice warm bed always convinces me to sleep more of my life away. It's not like I can do anything with that extra time, is it?

A Counter-Viewpoint, by Clint Marsh

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